The uses about Lithium Bromide, The solution

Lithium Bromide, The solution  soluble in water, alcohol and glycol; used as an operating medium for air-conditioning and industrial drying system due to its very hygroscopic property. and as a sedative and hypnotic in medicine. It is also used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and alkylation process. Lithium Bromide, The solution is used as brazing and welding fluxes.The biggest commercial and industrial use of Lithium Bromide, The solution  is in refrigeration units where water is used as a coolant; these are suitable for applications where freezing is not required, such as chillers and air conditioning systems. Cooling is achieved by evaporation, a process that absorbs heat from the surroundings, just like the way sweating keeps the body cool. To maintain the cooling effect, the water that has evaporated must be recovered from the resulting moist air, and this is achieved by spraying it with a strong solution of lithium bromide that absorbs the water vapor, leaving a more dilute solution. This solution is heated in a boiler to drive off excess water, creating a stronger solution; both the water, converted back to liquid in a condenser, and the strong lithium bromide solution are recycled through the system. Readmore: Lithium Bromide, The solution online