What is Zinc column

Zinc column looks smooth and bright, compact structure, no scratches and scars.Corrosion of Zinc column synthesized by the major elements of the special anti-corrosion material ZAC, AZI sacrificial anode is a steel body to prevent and buried in the sea water corroded the body types of special products.Zinc column Mainly used in ships, steel piles, floating dock, pier, ballast tanks, underwater pipelines, sluice, underwater rope, offshore platform, port workers and offshore facilities, underground cables, underground gas pipes, oil well casing Etc. Zinc is a common non-ferrous metals, is a kind of ancient copper, tin, lead, gold, silver, mercury, zinc and other nonferrous metals extracted the latest is the fourth most common metal after iron, aluminum and copper. Zinc can be made of alloy, the foremost of which is composed of zinc and copper, tin, lead, brass and so on with a variety of non-ferrous metals, but also with aluminum, magnesium, copper, form a die-casting alloy. Zinc is mainly used for the iron and steel, metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, chemical, light industry, military and pharmaceutical fields.Readmore: Zinc column online