The applications about Lead-based alloy

The deformation resistance of the  Lead-based alloy ingot without heating to rolling, extrusion process made of sheet, strip, pipe, bar and wire without intermediate annealing process. The tensile strength of the lead alloy for 3 ~ 7 kgf/mm2, much lower than most other metal alloys. Antimony is an important element for strengthening the matrix is ​​only partially dissolved in the lead, both for the solid solution strengthening, but also for the aging hardening; but if the content is too high, toughness and corrosion resistance to change will lead alloy worse. Comprehensive performance considerations, the lead alloy used for the production of chemical equipment, pipe corrosion component to about 6% antimony is appropriate; for the production of connected components, 8% to 10% antimony. The lead-antimony alloy to join a small amount of copper, arsenic, silver, calcium, tellurium, etc., increase strength, known as a hard lead.   Lead-based alloy enters the human body through ingestion or inhalation. It doesn't travel through your skin, but lead left on your hands can transfer to food and into your mouth if you don’t wash your hands after handling unpainted miniatures with lead content. Lead dust created by filing, trimming or drilling metal miniatures can be inhaled, or may be ingested after the dust settles on objects you handle or on your food. Once sealed and painted, lead based miniatures are safe to handle. You should ensure that metal miniatures are not accessible to or handled by children who may place toys in their mouths. Make a practice of washing your hands after any sessions of play involving handling of metal miniatures, even painted ones.The vast majority of problems with  Lead-based alloy comes from contamination caused by old lead paint on houses, lead pollution from leaded gas (removed from the market in the US in 1996), or lead contamination of paint or jewellery on children's toys imported from countries without regulations of these products. To protect your heath when working with any hobby (including wood or plastics and some art materials) you should avoid inhaling all forms of dust and clean your hands and tools thoroughly, keeping them separate from food and tools used with food. Readmore:  Lead-based alloy online