Basic properties about Lithium Amide

Product Name Lithium AmideCAS No  7782-89-0 Molecular Formula  LiNH 2  Specification  Appearance: White powderAssay:95%min Usage  For API intermediartes Lithium Amide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Li+NH2-, i.e. it is composed of a lithium cation, and the conjugate base of ammonia. Lithium Amide is a white solid with a tetragonal crystal structure. It is also possible to make mixed oligomers of metal alkoxides and amides. These are related to the superbases which are mixtures of metal alkoxides and alkyls. The cyclic oligomers form when the nitrogen of the amide forms a sigma bond to a lithium while the nitrogen lone pair binds to another metal centre. Other organolithium compounds (such as BuLi) are generally considered to exist in and function via high-order, aggregated species. Readmore: Lithium Amide online