How about uPA-Actibind ELISA Kit

uPA-Actibind ELISA Kit  is an enzyme which functions as an activator of the fibrinolytic enzyme system. Its ability to lyse fibrin clots makes it useful as an effective thrombolytic agent in the management of a variety of clinical disease states including pulmonary embolism and localized thrombosis. uPA-Actibind ELISA Kit  is synthesized by and released from numerous cell types including endothelial cells, kidney cells and macrophages. Several malignant tumors, especially those of the urogenital and gastrointestinal tracts, have been shown to produce increased quantities of urokinase. Urokinase exists in three major forms: enzymatically inactive single chain urokinase or pro-urokinase (scu-PA), enzymatically active two chain urokinase (tcu-PA) and urokinase-inhibitor complexes. scu-PA circulates in plasma at a concentration of 1-2 ng/mL and is converted to tcu-PA in vivo by the action of plasmin and kallikrein. Each form of u-PA displays a different activity, different affinities for Glu-plasminogen, and different rates of inhibition by plasma protease inhibitors.For therapeutic administration, uPA-Actibind ELISA Kit  is generally preferred over other forms of this plasminogen activator. Pro-urokinase is not inhibited by plasminogen activator inhibitors and, although no form of urokinase is highly fibrin specific, prourokinase is more fibrin-oriented than other forms of u-PA. During thrombolytic therapy, pro-urokinase is converted to the active two chain urokinase and is then susceptible to inhibition. The Actibind u-PA assay employs specific reagents which allow for the measurement of urokinase activity originating from both the active two chain form and the single chain form of the molecule. It does not detect inactive urokinase-inhibitor complexes. u-PA antigen, however, is detected in all three forms (scu-PA, tcu-PA and u-PA inhibitor complexes) by this assay system. This allows the quantification of urokinase inhibitors. If you wish to differentiate between pro-urokinase and two-chain urokinase, the scu-PA kit TC #11110 determines only single chain urokinase.Readmore: uPA-Actibind ELISA Kit online